An Astrophysical Poem

Interzone is the foremost SF/F magazine of the UK. Its hard-working publicity person, Roy Gray, is an accomplished poet. Here is his ”Astropoetica: Towards Darwin,” which elegantly summarises our current account of the birth of stars. He gave me permission to link to it on this blog.

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  1. Just a question: why would you need permission to link to something? It’s nice to tell someone that you want to link to them, but ask permission?

  2. Well, let me see what was on my mind. First, I was indeed being nice, more precisely courteous. Second, I know nothing about internet copyright regulations. One zine I’ve written for probably does enforce some, so I wanted to play safe. Third, I once edited an anthology; one request to reprint met with such an emphatic ”no” that I was too surprised to ask for a reason. I have been cautious ever since. Finally, some authors consider some of their creations to be crap that’s best forgotten (I’m one of them). For these reasons I asked Roy. He told me that I could link to the poem wherever I felt like doing so, so no doubt you are right about my asking for permission. But courtesy and friendship were foremost in my mind. When I sent the link to Roy, he thanked me.
    Roy objected to my word ”current.” He told me that his description is now somewhat out of date. Perhaps you can say a few words about this. I’m sure that Roy would enjoy reading an update.

  3. It’s never wrong to talk to people. Anyway, if something is online you don’t copy it or republish it by linking. Copying the whole text and putting it on your website is another matter, for that you need permission — but a link is only sending people (and search engines) in a certain direction, and people who put things online generally want that (why be on the internet otherwise).

    The poem was nice, I don’t know what more to say about it right now.

  4. Thanks for the information Åka. Actually, I was wondering what the rules were about content, not just links. I’ll keep that info in mind.

    I am glad that you enjoyed the poem.

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