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Ebooks from Infinity Plus

One of my first discoveries in the world of British Science Fiction was the sophisticated website of Keith Brooke and Nick Gevers, Infinity Plus. I liked it so much that I contacted Keith to express my appreciation. We have been … Läs mer

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Ian Graham on Gaming

Before I moved from Amsterdam to Uppsala, all I knew about gaming was that many people engage in it. Later I was surprised to learn how intellectually challenging and deep some of  today’s games are. Several months ago I started … Läs mer

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Macleod on Uppsala

I moved to Uppsala on 8 Jan, 2009. The main reason for this move was medical, but SF played a significant role in motivating me to choose Uppsala over my other possibilities, Helsingfors and Leuven.  In 2003 I read some … Läs mer

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Skvaller om sf, direkt i ditt öra!

Ibland får jag faktiskt ha min mp3-spelare ifred (när jag inte tappar bort den bakom strategiska hyllor i hemmet eller råkar visa den för den musiktokiga ettåringen), och då händer det att jag lyssnar på science fiction. Jag har just … Läs mer

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De Vries on the possible death of Science Fiction

Jetse de Vries is a thoughtful SF commentator, reviewer, and editor of some of the best SF. Towards the end of last year he had his say in the current debate on the future character and very existence of Science … Läs mer

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An Astrophysical Poem

Interzone is the foremost SF/F magazine of the UK. Its hard-working publicity person, Roy Gray, is an accomplished poet. Here is his ”Astropoetica: Towards Darwin,” which elegantly summarises our current account of the birth of stars. He gave me permission … Läs mer

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Great Musical SF Slideshow

I found this last week on Ken Macleod’s excellent blog. This is not to be missed! http://kenmacleod.blogspot.com/2010/06/diana-comet-presents75-years-of.html

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People for the Ethical Treatment of SF

Jeff VanderMeer uppmärksammar på sin blogg, Ecstatic Days, en bisarr författarsammanslutning som kallar sig Science Fiction and Fantasy Ethics, ledd av Andy Remic, och som har som syfte att ”slå ett slag för positiva recensioner av böcker, filmer och tecknade … Läs mer

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